Probe Cards

STAr Technologies Inc.


Winway Technology


  • SoC / Logic

  • LCD-Driver

  • Parametric

  • Memory

  • Chip-Card / Smart Card

  • RF

  • Image / CMOS Sensors

  • Mixed Signal



  • High Pin Count

  • Fine Pitch

  • High Frequency

  • High Current

  • High Temperature

  • Minute Current Measurement

  • Kelvin

  • POAA / POP

  • Bumps

  • Transport boxes



  • Cantilever

  • Advanced Cantilever

  • Vertical

  • Spring Pin



Vertical Probe Card

Cantilever Probe Card

Spring Pin Probe Card


Probe Card for Chipards


Probe Card

LCD Diver

Probe Cards

High Speed Vertical

Probe Card

Probe Card for

Chip on Foil

Chip Card

Vertical Probe Card


Probe Card

BGA Micro Processor

Vertical Probe Card

Optical Sensor

Probe Card


Vertical Probe Card

Parametric Test Probe Card

STAr is the leading supplier of high quality low-leakage current, ultra-high voltage, wide temperature range and multi-site/die probe cards for electrical tests, wafer-acceptance tests and reliability qualification.


  • Parametric Test Probe Card
  • Reliability Test Probe Card
  • Multi-Site/Die Test Probe Card
  • Specialized Probe Card


Vertical Probe Card  
STAr has developed a proprietary patented vertical probe card technology featuring high carrying current, superior lifetime and scalability to address the industry's most demanding pitch requirements.
  • Parametric Vertical Probe Card
  • SOC IC Vertical Probe Card Memory
  • IC Vertical Probe Card
  • Mixed-Signal Vertical Probe Card

Functional Probe Card  

STAr's functional cantilever probe cards represent the finest epoxy technology on the market that features extreme fine pitch (<20 um) for LCD driver ICs and high density probe counts (>3000) for multi-DUT logic and memory ICs.

  • SOC IC Test Probe Card
  • LCD Driver IC Test Probe Card
  • Memory IC Test Probe Card
  • CMOS Sensor Test Probe Card


Repair and Maintenance Shops

Repair Shops equipped with original MPI compatible tools. Cantilever and Vertical Probe Card repairs.

Same quality criteria as manufacturer.

10++ years of experience in Probe Card repair.

Capabilities of Gold-Plating, Component Exchange and detailed measurements available.


Repair Center Munich


Mainly for Cantilever style Probe Cards


Available Tooling

  • Sanding Machine
  • Coordinate Checker
  • ARS01 Needle Adjustment Tool
  • High Power Microscope
  • Various Test Boards


Repair Center Dresden


Availalbe tooling

  • High Power Microscope
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