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aps ARS01

PC Analyzer Tools

Production Handlers


LED Prober / Sorter


Signatone Analytical Probe Stations

Lucas Signatone

Manual Probe Stations

H-150W or S-1160

3“ to 8“


Different Levels of


CheckMate Series
Probe Stations


8“ and 12“

RF and mmWave

Wavelink Series

Probe Stations


6" to 12"


Resistivity Systems

Pro4, QuadPro, QuadMap


4" to 12"



S-725 Series

Engineering Micropositioners


SP-100 / SP-150

Precision Inline Micropositioners

Probe Tip Holder and Probe Tips


S-M90 / S-M40 RF-Positioners



Mechanical Devices Thermal Solutions


Mechanical Devices

MaxTC -60°C to 175°C
FlexTC -55°C to 155°C


Microtec Gravity Handler

Microtec Fertigungs GmbH

Main Features

  • Device marking and labelling units
  • Fast changeable conversion kits
  • Ready for intergration of programming
  • Modern HMI-Touchscreen for easy operation
  • Stand alone mobile support
  • Adjustable slope angle and height

Available kits for standard packages: SO,TSSOP,QSOP, SSOP,SOT,TO,SIP,ZIP, PLCC,LCC,DPAK,QFN,MLP and many others


Biggest range of device flexibility on the market:

  • Min. 3 x 3 x 0.8mm up to
  • Max. 30.5 x 15 x72mm
  • Easy changeover from package types (20 min)
  • Interchangeability: The old conversion kits can be used on the new handler generation
  • Customized packages – for requirement for individual packages, the conversion kits can be design to fit your package type

                   MH250 with Bowlfeeder                                             MH240 MUCH


working MH240 Gravity Handler


aps - ARS01 - Probe Card Repair Station

Table top Base with adjustable Microscope Holder.

  • Sliding Alignment Table for best Working Position and Location.
  • High-Precision Manipulator for XYZ and Theta Alignment Setting.
  • High-Precision Alignment Frame - operated by Foot Pedal, enables left or right hand repair.
  • Kinematic Coupled Mechanical Interface to Probe Card Holder.


Why Tip to Top Repair?

  • Difficult or impossible tweezer access in Tip to Bottom position.
  • Due to:
    • Multi DUT Inline Layout
    • Stiffener and/or Steeltop
    • Large needle height
    • Vertical Probecards…


Hon Tech Pick and Place Handler

Hon Technology


Main Products

  • MEMS Test Handler
  • Automatic System Level(Board Level)IC Test Handler
  • Automatic Flash Card/Memory IC Test Handler
  • Automatic Precision Chip AOI Inspection Handler
  • Automatic Logic IC Test Handler
  • Open / Short Test Handler ( strip/substrate & IC package )

MEMS Handler


Automatic System Test


Flash Card  / IC Test



Logic IC Test


Presicion Chip / Strip AOI Handler


BE - Probecard Analyzer and Metrology


Beijert Engineering


System for small Probe Cards, pincount and probe area
System measures Planarity, Alignment, Contact Resistance, Leakage Wire test and Gram force


System for medium Probe Cards, pin count and Probe Area

System measures Planarity, Alignment, Contact Resistance, Leakage Wire test and Gram force.

Direct dock available up to 16 cm thickness

Manager M5

System for large Probe Cards, pincount and lprobe area
System measures Planarity, Alignment, Contact Resistance, Leakage Wire test and Gram force

PRVX IT/HW-Upgrade

New computer system with Windows 7 and BE software
Obsolete electronics removed. Now RoHS compliant.
Non electrical alignment (no motherboard required)


System for small medium and larger Probe Cards with high pincount and large probe area.
3 D inspection of probecard.
1” to 12” Probe Area.
System measures mechanical parameters of the probe surface including beam clearance and tip length.

LED Prober / Sorter

(Certain Territory)

MPI Corporation

LED Prober

  • Wafer, Tape, Die Prober
  • Semi- / Fully Auto Systems available
  • Superior solutions incl. LED Tester

LED Sorter

  • Chip and Package Applications available
  • Fast reliable innovative!


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