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aps Solutions GmbH are representing:

Beijert Precision Engineering

Hon Technologies

Mechanical Devices

Microtec Fertigungs GmbH

MPI Corporation



Winway Technology


aps Solutions GmbH was formed out of the aps Sales & Service GmbH, which has been founded in 1992 by a group of European semiconductor equipment and materials specialists with the goal of providing better product sales and services throughout Europe than anyone else. Since then aps has grown continuously by adding test equipment to their portfolio and now consists of an organization of experts in critical aspects of the semiconductor business.

Partnership Support throughout Europe.


Our slogan: Technology for Better Contacts!


aps Solutions GmbH opened an office in Dresden, Germany in 2014 to provide more customer services in Europe with the advantage of having the best expertise in our market place. Our European Service Center Dresden provides first class support to our customers throughout Europe.


aps Solutions GmbH cooperates very closely with your and our partners for dedicated applications in order to offer better solutions.


Upcoming at aps

March 2017: Bits Workshop Phoenix


aps History


2016 Hon Tech Handler

2015 BE Probe Card Analyzer

2015 Mechanical Device Thermal Solution

2014 Opening of RCDD

2013 Microtec Gravity Handler

2011 Start with Signatone Analytical Probe Stations

2009 Start with MPI R+ HF Cantilever Probe Card

2006 Start with WinWay Test Sockets

2003 Start with PCB Interface Solutions

1999 Start with High Performance Test Sockets

1992 Start with Wafertest Probe Cards MJC Japan


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